Funny… I just went online last night to the garden website to see what you had available that I had not taken (at least once or twice).  Your workshop in October looks, oh so tempting, but after the trip my husband just took our family on, I believe I am “grounded” for quite some time.
I have attached a picture from my gallery opening in February as well as some of my more recent work.
The reason I wanted to write is to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me.  As a teacher, I know that I cherish the notes that I have received from my students and their parents.
 Your instruction has given me the tools to create a whole new world for myself.  I have always enjoyed creative expression.  My job once allowed me more freedom to express myself in this manner.  This avenue has been stifled for quite some time.
 Little did I know,  when I limped into the garden on the day of my first class with you, days following leg surgery, with my camera in a box, that my life would soon change forever.  You have given me the technical skills that I needed to view the world differently.  Each moment that I am not at work, I am finding a way to learn more about photography, to capture a moment in time using my equipment, or to plan my next photographic experience.
I simply cannot thank you enough for your guidance, patience, and encouragement.  I will be forever grateful for all you have done to help me.
I do not know, at this point, where this journey is taking me.  What I know for certain is that I am enjoying the ride immensely.

Mary R.

Thank you so very much for your help during the Tech Series.  I was a little, ok a lot, intimidated that first morning in the parking lot seeing the other equipment, and then listening to Chas' technical lecture.  I had read a few books on exposure prior to the class but they left me more confused.  But within 3 minutes of your instruction on the boardwalk I felt like I knew where to start and confidant I would improve.  The difference between my 1st day and 2nd day photos is amazing, especially seeing how I went from taking 5 photos to get to the correct exposure to nailing it on the first attempt!

Sally M.


Just wanted to thank you for today's class.  I always leave your classes pumped up and ready to experiment with the camera/software that you taught us in class.  You make it fun.


Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation on wildlife photography.  You did a terrific job sharing your stunning photos and very helpful tips.  I was so excited when I got home that I was bubbling over with enthusiasm with all that I had learned. Thankfully my husband was an interested listener.

I was especially interested in the importance of understanding the behaviors of animals and birds to capture the best photos. The example of the raptors moving their talons right before raising their wings was so fascinating.

I look forward to seeing you in other workshops around town and my dream of going on a safari someday.

In gratitude,
Melissa L

Another great class Dave. Glad to have you as an instructor!!!!  You always make sure you don't overwhelm with ALL the possibilities of photography but ensure we get the most important tips to get us up and running quickly and efficiently.  If anyone wants to explore further into photography, that's there prerogative but I really enjoy how you break down the true power of manual modes!!!!


Hey Dave, thanks for everything!!! You have been an amazing teacher and I look forward to more classes with you. I took this one today, I am very proud of it! Sincerely, 


Hello Dave Kelly:
   I recently purchased your book from Amazon and quickly discovered that it is the most efficient book in the field for learning the many and somewhat complicated features of Lightroom. I have several other books by the prominent writers in the field but none have laid it out in a workable manner as you have.
I use the Adobe Cloud with the latest editions of both Lightroom and Photoshop and right now for me at least I could surely use a similar book on the latest edition of Photoshop. Any ideas there?
   I am 93 years old and have been doing photography for a long time but only have about ten years experience with digital. I appreciate your work and efforts in writing this book and I thank you for it. It is excellent!
                           Sincerely, Robert M.

Thanks Dave

I appreciate your replying so promptly.  I like the way in "Lightroom 6/CC" you lay out the steps one, two, three. I have five other Lightroom books in which the authors jump all over the place totally confusing me, a non technical individual.

Thanks again,

Roger S.

Thanks for another very good few hours at DSBG Sunday.  I know these are crash courses with limited time to pass on a lot of information, but you do a great job.  So, now I'm walking around saying "how would I meter that shot?"  
I plan to sign up for your June 4th class on composition which comes soon after our Alaska adventure.  I'll being using the tools you taught me when I shoot up there.

Good evening Dave
First of all let me thank you for that Lightroom couse it was a fantastic experience
I would do it again and again.


I've have had professional instruction in Lightroom Softproofing before, but I still struggled. I just wanted to let you know your article in Camera In The Wild explained it to me better than I have ever had it done before. I immediately took one of my photographs and went step by step with your article. It came out perfectly. Thank you.